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Welcome to Paragon Bit Foundry!
Specializing in elegant digital timepieces and ambient icons for your desktop
In the English language, the word time is the most common noun that we use everyday. We use it to know when to wake in the morning, when to schedule meetings with colleagues and friends and family, and when to sleep at night.  We also mark time beyond our daily routines to include important weekly, monthly and annual events on our journey through life.

So what better way to celebrate the passage of time than with highly useful and imaginative digital clocks and calendars! On this website you will find over 50 applications for your Windows desktop that cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from interesting daily clocks to sports calendars, and from useful utilities to entertaining digital toys.

All of these ambient icons share a common design philosophy: colorful and ever-changing images, informative and highly-customizable tooltip text, and simple and clear menu options.  Each app is carefully designed to perform a specific task and to do it very well.  Advanced users will enjoy the satisfying level of depth and uncompromising attention to detail, and casual users will appreciate that most icons are immediately useful directly after installation with little to no configuration needed.

Feel free to explore the selection of applications below to find your favorites, and if you have an idea for a new icon, just
let us know and you could see your creation come to life!
Ambient Icons
What are "ambient icons", anyway?  They are small desktop applications that run silently in the corner of the screen, and yet provide a wealth of images and information that belie their size.  Some also have a “floating window” that displays more detailed images than a simple icon can show, such as a large photo of the current phase of the Moon, or a diagram of the positions of our neighboring planets in their orbits.
As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and likewise, a screenshot on a webpage is worth 1K words!  The screen capture to the right shows the notification area in the bottom-right corner of the desktop screen, near where the Windows clock normally resides:

If you have moved your Windows Taskbar to either the left, right, or top of the screen, the notification area is still near the Windows clock, so look for our icons nearby.
Just to the left of the clock you can see a small icon with an image that represents the Earth. This ambient icon application is called “Earth Icon”, and it shows the current sunlit side of our home planet.  Since the clock says it is around noontime and we’re in the Eastern time zone, the east coast of North America is centered in the image.  During the day, the image “rotates” to bring the next part of the Earth into view, so in this example, at sunset the east coast will appear at the far right side of the image.

If we hover the mouse over the Earth’s image and look above and to the right of the icon, we see that “tooltip text” appears that provides more information.  In this example, Earth Icon is configured to show the current day of the year, complete with the percentage of the year that has passed so far, and the number of days remaining.  Similarly, the week of the year is shown, along with the birthstone and flower for the month of March, and the progress through the current season.

As time passes, the icon image and the tooltip text changes accordingly.  All of our ambient icons work in this same way, providing ever-changing and always up-to-date information at a glance.  Each icon has its own text that pertains to it, and can be configured to show just the information that you like the most and that suits your personal style.

Some applications, Earth Icon included, also show a “floating window” with an expanded view of the icon’s image.  It can be repositioned anywhere on the screen, and here it is shown above the notification area.  The floating window will remember its location and will display there the next time that the application is started.
Another example of one of our ambient icons is called Moon Icons, and the corresponding icon images, tooltip text and floating window are shown here.  Here we see that this one application is controlling two icons instead of just one.  In this example, the current phase of the Moon is shown in the first icon, and a “moon phase calendar” in another icon.  Each of these icons displays its own unique information, and some of our applications control five or more separate yet related icons!
Finally, since our ambient icons are small and require very few resources from your computer, several of them can be and are often run at the same time.  The following screenshot is an example where over a dozen separate icons are all running at once, and each showing their own unique image:
The names of each of these 18 icon applications, from left to right, are:

These icons can, of course, be ordered in any way you desire, and the ones that you choose to show are only limited by your personal interests and tastes.
A well-crafted desktop hourglass
Diminutive yet sublime clock icons
An interesting clock with a single 24-hour hand
Casually tell the time in over 70 languages
A handy stock market clock and calendar
Your work day icon companion
View the time with ever-changing lines, dots and nested circles
Look forward to every holiday all year long
A calendar for professional golf tournaments
Pro cycling races from around the world
Keep up-to-date on the latest mixed martial arts events
Birthday tracking for people and pets
Control the keyboard lock states with icons
Displays your team's current Sprint statistics
Effortlessly back up your important files
Monitor your system's memory usage
Watch the prices of several cryptocurrencies
Control the [Caps Lock] key from an icon
Control the [Num Lock] key from an icon
Control the [Scroll Lock] key from an icon
Easily keep track of your blood donations
Pie-shaped timers for your desktop
Show the sunlit side of our home planet
Follow the Moon's phases on your desktop
Keep track of our favorite star
View Mercury and Venus from your desktop
Track the Red Planet on your desktop
Keep track of meteor showers throughout the year
Watch the tide rise and fall
Just for Fun
Ask the Magic 8-Ball a question!
Roll the bones with icons
Spin the wheel with desktop icons
Icons that roll Chinese Sic Bo dice
Roll a d4 die in an icon
Roll a d6 die in an icon
Roll a d8 die in an icon
Roll a d10 die in an icon
Roll a d10 percentile die in an icon
Roll a d12 die in an icon
Roll a d20 die in an icon
Flip a coin with an icon
Search your mind to reveal the next card
A fidget spinner icon for your desktop
You rang?  A fun service bell icon for your desktop
A full collection of desktop chess tools
Dice icons for backgammon
Time your fastest Rubik's Cube solutions!
PBF Labs
Easily keep exact copies of your important folders
Stay on top of the latest NLL games
Your favorite football team's schedule in an icon
Keep track of your favorite PLL games
PBF Demos
Full source code to the Magic 8-Ball Icon application
Full source code to the Magic 8-Ball Icon microservice application
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