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Chess Pal

Chess Pal
A full collection of desktop chess tools
Chess Pal is an icon application that includes several handy chess tools on your desktop!  The most colorful of these is a set of 'equalizer dice' that allows players of different skill levels to play together.  For more advanced players looking for an added challenge or simply something new, starting position generators are provided for playing Chess960, Shuffle Chess, and Transcendental Chess.

Chess equalizer dice are used to 'level the playing field' when a beginner player is facing a more experienced opponent.  For the beginner, they play by the standard rules of chess. For the experienced player, however, they roll both dice and the result determines which piece can be moved on each turn.

Equalizer dice can also be used to add a fun element of chance for players who want an alternative to the standard rules.  Chess is a centuries-old game based on critical thinking, but using these dice adds a bit of luck and random chance.

How to Play

Equalizer dice can be used with either one or both players using a set of dice, with the rules as follows:

- The player begins by rolling both dice to determine which piece they are allowed to move.

- The player may move either piece that is indicated on the pair of dice.

- If a double is rolled (the same piece appears on both dice), the player may play any legal move.

- If the pieces that are rolled are not legally able to be moved, simply roll the dice again.

- Castling may be performed when the move is legal and a King, Rook, or any double has been rolled.

- If the player is in check, only a legal move to respond to that check can be played. No rolling of the dice is necessary.
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